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Nursing staff

Our psychiatric acute ward opened since December. 1988 and there were 30 beds available. In our psychiatric ward, the service was to treat patients including adults and teenagers who are at the acute stage of psychiatric disorder. The usually diagnosis of psychiatric diseases including schizophrenia, mood disorder, major depression disorder with psychotic features and alcohol related disorder.

Head nurse in our psychiatric acute ward was responsible for administration and training programs. There are 13 nurses in our psychiatric ward. The day-time duty nurses take care of 5-6 patients in average and the night-time ones12-15 patients in average. The members in our medical team include the physicians, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and nurses. Our intervention includes pharmacological treatment, environment treatment, psychotherapy, behavior therapy, group therapy, occupational therapy and nursing care. We are patient with our patients in giving emotional support, establishing insight, increasing the drug adherence and helping patient to realize what the reality is and how to modify their behaviors accordingly.

We need to check the patient’s behaviors and their conditions every15 to 30 minutes to make sure patient’s safety and observe psychotic symptoms. Besides, we also deal with the urgent situations in our ward, ex: unpredictable violence behaviors, suicidal attempts, falling down or escape events. So we need to focus on the rapport with our patients and being skilled in the knowledge and technique for caring psychiatric patient. Our goals are keeping the rights of psychiatric patients and help them back to community as soon as possible.

Day-care unit is different from full-day admission in the hospital, and our patients only come to the unit for half a day. It provides combined services from different specialists and professionals including psychiatrists, nursing staff, occupational therapists, psychologists and social workers, so we can offer each individual more specialized and multi-dimensional treatment and rehabilitation plans. It is an open unit and therefore requires our patients to be responsible for their attendance and behaviors. Our patients come to the ward in the morning and return to their home at night to be with their family, thus we can improve patients’ function in a community setting but not inside a closed institution.